23 - 04 - 2017


Welcome to NEXT-Buildings.com, an EU FP7 project covering next generation energy saving measures in the built environment.

This project derives from some of the most successful Cities and Actors in the CONCERTO program. They now want to demonstrate the NEXT-Building generation of low energy buildings also called active houses, which are not only buildings, but active components in the overall integrated energy systems. The target is to demonstrate affordable solutions for social housing and revitalisation of town areas. The solutions will reduce CO2 at no or negative cost seen in a total perspective. Targeted CO2 reduction cost can be minus € 80/tonne taking the benefits of lower energy bills into account, to even better figures when national grants are included. It is possible to simultaneously save CO2 and money! Key barrier is the initial investment.

Next-Buildings has three pilot projects, they are:


Pictures courtesy of  Amsterdam Houthaven - SPL Lyon-Confluence/Bouygues Immobilier/Kengo Kuma - Helsingborgshem